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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Debreczinger Sausage

Meats and fish that are smoked are packed full of flavour.  You can buy a wide variety already smoked or smoke your own meats using a stand alone smoker or a grill with a smoker attachment or smoking box.  Wood chips are soaked in water then placed in a smoker box or foil packet with holes poked for use on the grill.  This is fine for small cuts of meat or to add a bit of extra flavour when grilling.  However larger cuts of meat such as turkey, hams and sausages are generally smoked in a smoker or if smoking a lot of meat in a smoke house.  At one time most farm houses had a smoke house and many still do in our area.   Urban dwellers also interested in smoking meats, poultry and fish can buy stand alone smokers ranging from small to quite large.  Smoking adds that extra flavour so is well worth doing.

debreczinger sausageDebreczinger (debreziner) sausage is mild, precooked, smoked beef and pork Hungarian sausage that can be eaten as is or warmed on the grill.   They are ideal when cubed for using on a party tray with an assortment of cubed cheeses.  Debreziner sausage will keep for 2 months frozen or 1 month refrigerated.

When buying sausage it is important to realize that each sausagemaker has their own recipes that they tweak so there is a slight variation from butcher shop to butcher shop and between brands.  Ingredients in the debreczinger sausage I bought were: water, liquid smoke, pork, salt, spices, paprika, garlic, sodium nitrate and sodium bicarbonate.  These sausage were a bit more expensive than breakfast or oktoberfest but the price was a direct reflection of buying them at the abattoir's that out out in the middle of noman's land.  At any rate $4.49 for meat for two dinner is not a bad price at all.

cooking debreczinger sausage
The weather had turned cold and rainy so we decided to re-heat the sausages on the stovetop.  We could have used the indoor grill but warmed on a bed of sautéd onions sounded even easier for a somewhat lazy day dinner.  I served the sausages and onions on sausage buns topped with honey mustard and sauerkraut.  The end result was an easy yet tasty 15 minute meal.

I was impressed with the flavour of the debreczinger sausage.  This will be a sausage I buy again to use as is or warmed for on buns.  The sausage makes for a quick, easy meal that would be perfect for those hot summer days when heating up the kitchen is not desirable.  I think the sausage would also be good chopped into cubes then used in salads or as part of the topping for pasta salad.  

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