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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Icing Sugar

I've had a couple of emails requesting clarification. Here we can buy "icing sugar" which is a very fine powdered sugar typically used for making icings, hence the name. It must be a Canadian thing! In other areas it is labelled as powdered sugar which is the same thing. Now if you can't find either, take 2-3 c of granulated sugar and process in a food processor until powdered similar to a fine flour. Sift it then use as needed. Store in an airtight container or vacuum seal for longer storage.

Garden Gnome
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3 food lovers commented:

Pirate said...

I think in the US its called confectioners' sugar. Correct me if i'm wrong as well, but I'm also pretty sure it has cornstarch in it. When I first heard that I thought "you've got to be kidding?!" but it makes sense with the texture.

Garden Gnome said...

Well now, after you mentioned corn starch, I just had to check at the grocery store today. Sure enough while ours is called icing sugar there is cornstarch in it according to the label. This does explain why home powdered sugar has a slightly different texture and it gives those with corn allergies one more thing to avoid.
Garden Gnome

Patti said...

The cornstarch is probably added to keep the sugar from clumping. You'll see it in lots of things like marshmallows and such.