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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Roast Beef on Grill

I use my grill as an oven during the summer so anything that is cooked in the oven is fair game for the grill. I posted this method of roasting beef or pork on the grill on a few groups. Several asked for the method so as promised here it is.

Frozen Blade Roast

We buy both beef and pork in bulk so that means we generally have roasts to use throughout the summer. The problem is with the heat and humidity levels there is no point stressing the air conditioning so I came up with this method of cooking roasts on the grill. Roasts are prepared directly from the freezer. I do not thaw! Another note is whenever the grill is going I tend to run it fairly loaded. On this occasion I did a blade roast along with a chuck roast and campstyle potatoes.

Roast with Sauce

The first step is unwrapping the roast and placing it on heavy duty foil. Pour a generous amount of your favourite barbeque sauce. For the blade roast I used Diana Sauce Gourmet Fine Herbs with Lemon but you can use whatever sauce you want. I like using homemade chutneys instead of barbeque sauce especially for pork roasts. Once the sauce is liberally applied your are onto the fun part.

Foil Wrapped

I really recommend using heavy duty foil. The roast will need to be turned several times and even with using heavy duty foil there will be some leakage. Start by making a packet. Place another piece of foil over the roast then seal all the edges, smooching in the seams as you go. Add at least three more layers repeating the process but varying where you have the seals.

On the Grill

Both roasts were cooked on very low direct heat. Indirect heat can be used if you are only cooking one roast. As mentioned the roast needs to be turned several times throughout the cooking process. I like using silicone oven mitts to do this but cloth mitts will work too. The cloth mitts will need to be washed.

Shredded Grilled Roast Beef

The roasts are cooked until there is firmness but still some give. There will be a little leakage and the roasts will smell wonderful! Once the roasts are finished cooking, remove from the grill and allow to cool slightly. At that time the roasts can be shredded or if cooled entirely cut into very thin slices for sandwiches. Either can be vacuum sealed and froze for later use.

Campstyle Potatoes

Campstyle potatoes are one of our favourites. They can be cooked in a foil packet or as I did in a large batch in a foil tray. Cube the potatoes and stir in chopped onions. Drizzle light olive oil over the mixture. Sprinkle with seasoning of your choice. We prefer Montreal Steak Seasoning. Add a pat or two of butter. Seal the package or tray. Cook on indirect heat on the grill until potatoes are soft. If cooking in a foil packet turn a few times during cooking.

1 food lovers commented:

Garden Gnome said...

You are very welcomed. Don't worry if there is carmelization on the outer surface of the roast. This is normal. It just adds to the taste of the finished roast.