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I am a wife, mother and grandma who enjoys the many aspects of homemaking. A variety of interests and hobbies combined with travel keep me active. They reflect the importance of family, friends, home and good food.
Cook ingredients that you are used to cooking by other techniques, such as fish, chicken, or hamburgers. In other words be comfortable with the ingredients you are using.
--Bobby Flay

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  • [March 19, 2020] - Effective Mar 17, this blog will no longer accept advertising. The reason is very simple. If I like a product, I will promote it without compensation. If I don't like a product, I will have no problem saying so.
  • [March 17, 2020] - A return to blogging! Stay tuned for new tips, resources and all things food related.
  • [February 1, 2016] - An interesting report on why you should always choose organic tea verses non-organic: Toxic Tea (pdf format)
  • Sticky Post - Warning: 4ever Recap reusable canning lids. The reports are growing daily of these lids losing their seal during storage. Some have lost their entire season's worth of canning to these seal failures! [Update: 4ever Recap appears to be out of business.]

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Friday, May 14, 2021

Questions & Answers

Here and on my Facebook posts, I stress organic, home canned, homemade, in the descriptions.  Why?  The reasons are very simple, what I use will give different result than what you use.  So,


Q. Can I use _____ fill in the blank to make this recipe.

A. If it is similar likely but I can't guarantee that.  I do know the taste will differ.

Q. Can I use refined white sugar instead of organic cane sugar.

A. Yes but you won't get the same flavour profiles.  Refined sugar adds sweetness, organic cane sugar adds flavour and sweetness.

Q. Do I have to follow USDA canning rules?

A. No, your kitchen your rules.  I am Canadian, so USDA has no bearing here nor does any other government agency within your home.  I highly recommend following safe canning guidelines but even I am septal of some of those.  

Q. Why organic?

A. There are certain chemicals I do not want in my foods especially dried foods where the concentration increases.  Organic certification also ensures non-GMO.  

Q. Why homemade?

A. When you make something from scratch, you know exactly what is in it. 

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