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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

She Said (5) - Apple Glazed Chicken Kabobs

If you recall my husband and I are having a bit of a contest with each of us using a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens® New Grilling Book to create a meal. In total there will be 12 recipes, 6 of his choosing and 6 of mine. The contest ends August 31 so the first week of September I will post a poll where you can vote for the meal you liked best. The rules are all the ingredients must be used but the amounts can be altered.

apple-glazed chicken kabobsApple Glazed Chicken Kabobs

I decided to make the apple-glazed chicken kabobs as my fifth contest recipe. It appealed to me because kabobs are always a fun presentation. The recipe was intended for the indoor grill but I used the outdoor grill instead. The aromatic apple glaze tantalized our senses while waiting for the kabobs to cook. This recipe is a definite keeper! It could easily be modified to include red sweet pepper, sweet banana pepper or any vegetable that pairs nicely with apple.

I used homemade apple jelly, a Granny Smith apple and a Vadellia onion in this recipe. The kabobs were served on a bed of Calrose rice cooked in homemade chicken stock and butter.

Apple Glazed Chicken Kabobs
source: Meredith Corporation, Better Homes and Garden New Grilling Book, 2005. Pp. 390

1 c apple jelly
2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground cloves
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 tsp garlic powder
½ tsp celery salt
½ to 1 tsp ground black pepper
1 large onion
1 large green sweet pepper
1 large apple
1 tbsp olive oil

Place 8 wood skewers in a shallow pan. Cover with water and allow to soak at least 30 minutes. Combine jelly, honey, lemon juice, butter, cinnamon and cloves in a medium saucepan. Bring to a boil then reduce to simmer. Simmer 6 to 8 minutes or until reduced to 1⅓ c whisking frequently. Remove glaze from heat and set aside. Cut the chicken, onion and pepper into 1 - inch pieces. Wash and cut apple into wedges. Remove core. Place in bowl of water with a splash of lemon juice until ready to use. Preheat the grill to medium high. Sprinkle chicken with garlic powder, celery salt and black pepper. Alternately thread chicken, onion, pepper and apple wedges. Place the kabobs on the grill and grill until chicken is no longer pink and vegetables are crisp-tender with well defined grill marks. Reheat glaze. Brush kabobs with glaze just before serving.

2 food lovers commented:

Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

Hey Mom...I just adapted this recipe for my dinner last night. Thank you very much, came out great

Garden Gnome said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed the apple glazed chicken kabobs! How did you adapt the recipe? Did you blog about them? I'll pop on over to your blog to see what you're up to.